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FlexiSander  products
          are the best solution for the
        genuine craftsman.

        Made in European Union
    patent pending:
    USA: US20100261414
    USA: US2009O178224
    CA: 2900086        


FlexiSander 22 inch flexible Sanding Board

Price: $125.35
Item Number: FSB 056111
Manufacturer: FlexiSander
Manufacturer Part No: FSB 056111
Length: 22 inch
Width: 4.5 inch
Weight: 3.5 Lbs.

To accomplish adaptability to sanding surface, a flexible sanding plate is affixed through rubber mounts to a set of rockers/gimbals, which are than mounted to the sander's handle.
Pressure is spread directly from the tool’s handles to the base plate. This allows you to work on a variety of surfaces; large, small, curved or flat.
Since the sanding plate is flexible, it will allow work to be performed on local, small areas as well.

FlexiSander's durable construction and flexible sanding board body enables you to apply even pressure over the entire surface, achieving results superior to any other sander on the market.

• makes curved surfaces perfect, wether they are convex or concave.
• up shaped ends of the filling/sanding board do not leave any scratches.
• two different sets of grips, a curled grip and a stick grip (depending on your work habits).
• the sanding surface is made of flexible aluminum
• Velcro surface attaches stick-on sanding sheets.

How to use this tool? Simply hold it up to the surface and slide it back and forth, just like you would any ordinary sander.

With FlexiSander, sanding is easy, fast and precise.
Conquer convex, concave or flat surfaces with precision and efficiency!

Excellent when used in combination with FlexiSander FILLING tools.